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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Exclusive GTAV Content for New-Generation Players
Posted by Kirsty at 22:25. Site: GTA V. Category: General

With less than a month to go until we finally get to feast our eyes on the beauty that is new-generation Grand Theft Auto V, today we received a sneak peek of what's to come with new exclusive content revealed. Rockstar have announced that players returning to the series by buying one of the new versions will have access to exclusive...

  • Imponte Duke O'Death muscle car
  • Dodo seaplane
  • Xero blimp
  • Cheval Marshall monster truck
  • Kraken submarine
  • Go Go Monkey blista
  • Classic GTA muscle cars

  • Weapons!
  • Rail Gun
  • Hatchet melee axe

  • Activities!
  • Stock Car races - new racing mode to unlock classic GTA muscle cars
  • Wildlife snapmatic challenge - find and photograph all of the new and existing wildlife across Los Santos to unlock the Kraken sub (Franklin)
  • Monkey Symbol snapmatic challenge - find and photograph strange monkey symbols to unlock the Go Go Monkey blista
  • Murder Mystery challenge - solve a mystery murder to unlock two Noir style snapmatic filters (Michael)

  • Money!
  • Pre-orders will receive $1 million Los Santos dollars in cash, split to use in story mode and GTA Online

  • Progress!
  • Players will be able to transfer their GTA Online progression to their new-generation platform of choice
  • Remember, this is only the exclusive content for returning GTA V players, we're also promised plenty more exciting surprises for the new versions all round in addition to this.

    Discuss over at GTAForums

    Friday, September 12, 2014
    Release dates for PC, PS4 and Xbox One
    Posted by adamcs at 12:15. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    Rockstar has revealed that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on November 18, 2014, while the PC version will arrive on January 27, 2015.

    More details and new screenshots may be found over at Rockstar Newswire.

    Monday, August 18, 2014
    San Andreas Flight School update for GTA Online lands tomorrow
    Posted by Kirsty at 18:08. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    Notable updates so far:

  • New jets
  • New cars
  • Swift Helicopter
  • Country flag parachutes
  • Military-style clothing [to be confirmed]
  • Realistic boob physics

  • Tuesday, February 11, 2014
    From Rockstar, With Love....
    Posted by Kirsty at 20:05. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    Rockstar have today announced a Valentine's Day Massacre Special DLC pack will be releasing on its namesake day this Friday the 14th, for free.

    Included will be a the Gusenberg Sweeper weapon and the Albany Roosevelt vehicle, available for both Story Mode and GTA Online. There'll also be some suave suits, alluring dresses and masquarade masks to cater to any fetish of all the sweet-loving gangster killers out there.

    But that's not all, Rockstar are tickling our fancy with 10 new jobs and a promise that we'll soon be hearing more about GTA Online Heists and upcoming DLC pack "Dangerous Business".

    Prepare for the explosion!

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    Monday, January 27, 2014
    GTA V Forum Member Reviews
    Posted by Matty at 14:29. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    Over the last few weeks and months, members over at the GTA Forums community have been writing their own game reviews for Grand Theft Auto V - offering a whole range of different opinions and viewpoints on the game. Some of these viewpoints on the game have been positive, others; not so positive. A list of the eligible reviews can be viewed and read in the following forum topic: Forum Reviews: Voting Round

    All eligible reviews were put forward into a voting round for the last month, with the winning review, as determined by other forum members, to be featured on GTAV.net.

    Cutting to the chase, here is the winning review as voted on by forum members.

    Read More

    Wednesday, December 25, 2013
    Holiday Gifts for GTA Online
    Posted by Matty at 14:39. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    As announced recently on the Rockstar Newswire, new Christmas and holiday-themed content has been added to the world of GTA Online for the holiday period; transforming Los Santos and Blaine County into a Christmas winter wonderland! Below is a summary of the new content thatis available for the holiday period:

    New Christmas-themed Clothing and Accessories

    Including Santa hats, Elf jackets and shoes, Snowman masks, Reindeer antlers and more. These items are available in GTA Online from clothes shops as well as from Vespucci Movie Masks, and will be available through unti January 5.

    New Snapmatic Features

    Including all-new photo Filters, Borders, and Facial Expressions. Also available are a new Depth of Field Effect and a Meme Creator feature. All of these new Snapmatic features will always be available, even after the holiday period, and can be used in GTA V's Story Mode in addition to Online.

    Discounts on Various In-game Items

    Discounts are available on select weapons and vehicles through until January 5. Grenades, Tear Gas and Sticky Bombs are available at half price, luxury Sedans including the Super Diamond, Vapid Fugitive, Benefactor Schwartzer and Ubermacht Zion are available for a 30% discount, the Tinsel Towers apartments 45 and 29 are available at a 25% discount, and half price discounts apply for musical horns for vehicles, green and gold weapon tints, Winter hats, berets, Hinterland Boots and Yeti Boots.

    A Snow-Covered Los Santos and Blaine County

    ...And last but not least, snow blankets the ground all across Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA Online for Christmas!

    As always, you can discuss these new content additions and share your thoughts over at GTAForums.

    Friday, December 20, 2013
    Los Santos Photography Club: The Professionals
    Posted by Kirsty at 20:48. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    Three months on and some of us still can't get enough of Snapmatic, GTA V 's in-game photo-sharing iFruit app. Whether you're capturing a beautiful sunset or taking a group photo of your crew's rides, there's no doubt Snapmatic has been a most welcome addition to GTA.

    Welcome to the Los Santos Photography Club. Each week we'll be picking awesome photos from a set theme, submitted by our community over on GTAForums, and this week we begin with The Professionals.

    Dedicated to shooting only the most professional photos, Professional photographers + Snapmatic offers a place to post your take on different kind of art. There is a strict no-selfie and no-goofyness policy, adhered to by all members who join in.

    Here's just a small selection of what's on offer, check out the topic linked above for lots more.

    • Los Santos Photography Club
    • xenorama
    • Xx-ADITYA-xX
    • ThroatSlasher2
    • stobe187
    • stobe187
    • stobe187
    • stobe187
    • Lysergio
    • Henning92
    • ezfaun
    • customkingpimp
    • cldd
    • aqwaqwaq8
    • Euthanasiaa
    • TomLionelFuller
    • stjimmy3
    • MagzGTA

    The next theme will be Sweet Rides - custom vehicles or simply a car you adore, drive to the best spots around Los Santos and show them off; we'll be picking the best snaps to feature next week, just post them in one of the following topics:

    [GTAV] Screenshots Topic

    [GTAOnline] Screenshots Topic: Custom Rides & Garages Edition

    Thursday, December 19, 2013
    Capture Update Released + Patch Notes
    Posted by Prometheus at 21:42. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    R* released the new Capture modes via the 1.08 patch update, available on XBL and PSN. The patch also includes a handful of tunes and fixes to GTA Online, listed below. The new modes are avaiable for Rank 8 or higher characters only.

    Capture Modes Now AvailableCapture Modes Now Available

      Patch Notes

  • Increased cash payouts for losing teams in Last Team standing and Team Deathmatch.

  • Increased the cash and RP rewards for Races with multiple laps.

  • Cash payouts for Parachuting now take points scored into account.

  • Improved spawning for Deathmatches where the spawn points were previously very far apart.

  • Improved support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian in the Creator.

  • Calling the mechanic now shows you if a vehicle on the list is destroyed or impounded.

  • Team balancing does a better job of putting friends and crew members together.

  • BETA Crew Head to Head matches are now available to play. To initiate a Crew Head to Head, you'll need to create a Playlist that does not contain Vehicle Deathmatches, Survivals or any Jobs that require more than 2 teams. From there, go into My Playlists and you'll see a prompt for Head to Head (BETA). This will launch the lobby and you'll be able to invite other players from your Crew, Friend's Crews or Skill Matched Crews.

  • Player blips no longer remain red on Missions when the player has a Bounty.

  • Players who end a Race as DNF are now awarded cash relevant to the amount of checkpoints they passed through during the course of the Race.

  • Players who race solo now earn cash. Previously, zero cash was awarded for a solo race.

  • Last Team Standing, Capture and Missions are separated out in the Create Playlist menu.

  • Small deduction to the amount of cash the winners of Races, Parachuting and Last Team Standing matches receive in order to increase payouts for all other participants.

  • Masks are now removed during Races where a helmet is required and are also removed by default when a player uses the Smoking animation.

  • The Purchase All Ammo option now charges the full value of filling all player held weapons with ammo.

  • Fixes an issue where GTA Online players could reach North Yankton.

  • Fixes a rare issue where characters could be lost if the player attempted to join GTA Online when disconnected from the Network.

  • Fixes for various duplicate vehicle exploits.

  • Fixes issues when using the Character Select from inside the Creator.

  • Fixes issues with ammo vanishing after testing a Deathmatch in the Creator.

  • Fixes exploits of the Fastest Lap bonus.

  • Glasses from the Beach Bum update now appear in the inventory menu.

  • Players in Tanks now have more protection from other players attempting to deliberately give them a Bad Sport rating.

  • Bad Sport timers now read properly and show the correct time left in the Bad Sport lobby instead of 00d00h00m.

  • Also make sure to keep an eye on Rockstar's Social Club Online event this weekend featuring custom-made deathmaches and races in addition to the new Capture game modes.

    What are your thoughts about the new modes? Discuss at the forums.

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013
    Capture the Flag Update Releases Tomorrow
    Posted by Kirsty at 00:28. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    Rockstar announced this evening that the latest patch to GTA Online will include new Capture the Flag style modes, and it will be out tomorrow on both PSN and Xbox Live (for free!)

    RAID - steal a package from the enemy base and return it to your own

    HOLD - store more packages in your base than the enemy

    GTA - steal vehicles from around the map and store more than the enemy in your base

    CONTEND - one package, two teams, only one can capture it

    There'll be 20 new Jobs utilising these four new modes. The game's namesake mode GTA appears most fun, with city buses and a Fieldmaster tractor being a few examples of vehicle targets; the latter being set in Grapeseed no less.

    Of course the update brings some all-important fixes and a few changes to gameplay too. You can read all the latest additions in the Patch Notes topic over on GTAForums.

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013
    Beach Bum DLC Released!
    Posted by Prometheus at 22:17. Site: GTA V. Category: General

    That's right, more content! R* have just released the first DLC update for GTA V, and it's free of charge. It's available for both Story mode and GTA Online.

    Beach BUM DLCBeach Bum Update now Available!

    As detailed previously, the Beach Bum DLC includes new content as the SNS Pistol and the broken bottle, four new vehicles and tons of new customization options for your GTA Online character. That's in addition to 30 new "beach-themed" jobs, all available to download through Patch 1.06, which includes a variety of adjustments made to GTAO. Find out more about it at R*'s newswire. Stay tuned for more details of the Content Creator as well as new DLC packs and "major-paid expansions" in the future.

    And as always, share your thoughts on the new update over at the forums.

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