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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Tips & Tricks Feature
Posted by adamcs at 11:07. Site: GTA San Andreas. Category: General

This is a follow-up to the Mystery Cheat news we posted on Tuesday.

Skippysweet was able to show us the full contents of the Tips & Tricks feature, and aswell as those new codes it contains an interview with lead level designer Craig Filshie:

T&T: Are there any cheat codes that haven't yet been released or discovered?
CF: One enterprising player hooked a third-party PlayStation 2 controller to his computer and programmed it to input random button combinations. Ingenious... and with that method he discovered a number of cheats. There are still some to unearth, however, so keep looking!

That "enterprising player" is of course, edisoncarter.

We posted the new cheats on Tuesday, but for the sake of it, here they are again:

All Taxis have Nitros:

Elvis is alive (all peds are Elvis)

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