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Sunday, April 25, 2004
GTA:SA @ E3?
Posted by Eviscero at 22:35. Site: Network. Category: General

"We have not announced our E3 lineup yet" - Rockstar Representative.

Rockstar Games may be absent at this year's E3 expo, however official word seems hard to come by.

Rumors have been flying that this year's E3 exposition will be GTA-less. Rockstar's spokespersons have been vague, at best, as to hinting when the masterpiece-to-be will be unveiled. Some have been quoted as saying a June release to certain press and partners will be coming. Later, they denied an E3 appearance. Is this just a scheme to keep us on the edges of our proverbial seats? Or is Rockstar really having some issues with release dates?

The latter would not be too far-fetched; Jeffrey Lapin, CEO of Rockstar's parent Take-Two Interactive, resigned suddenly earlier this month. His resignation was rumored to stem from development delays from company projects Red Dead Revolver and The Warriors. Only time will tell if this departure has truly impacted the highly anticipated release of the next in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Source: Gamespot

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