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Sunday, January 29, 2006
GTAF Battlefield 2 Server
Posted by illspirit at 12:15. Site: Network. Category: General

Looking for something to play online while you wait for either SA:MP or some official multiplayer action from Rockstar? Well, if you have a copy of Battlefield 2, some of the staff and members at GTAForums chipped in and got a heavy duty dedicated server to play with. If you feel like stopping by for a match, the server details are as follows:

Server: -GTAF- Ranked Public Server : Teamspeak: -GTAF-Teamspeak2 Server :

Shout outs to Waddy, Datalord, Mafia Right hand man, Mercie, anuj, Majestic, TEoS, -Gravity2-, DUP, MmMs, pancho the great, Alfresco, DaRotor, and colp4k for contributing to the cause. For questions, comments, stats, and such, head on over to this topic.

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