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Monday, October 18, 2004
PSM2's Verdict
Posted by adamcs at 11:57. Site: GTA San Andreas. Category: General

The latest issue of PSM2 UK contains their 'final verdict' of San Andreas—although, judging on what was said, it sounds as if they've never even played the game!

A lot of the information hasn't been confirmed, and it's simply PSM2's opinion of things, so don't take all of this for granted.

  • Confirmed music tracks include: Lil Louis - French Kiss, A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray, NWA - Express Yourself, and "that track from a seminal 90's grundge band".
  • PSM2 said that they drove from Los Santos to Las Venturas in 5 minutes on a Wayfarer. That was however, taking the shortest route, and the same journey would take 30 minutes cross-country.
  • PSM2 are convinced that skateboards will be in the game.
  • They also claim that you can control all of the planes in San Andreas, including Private Jets. You can carry up to eight gang members with you on a bigger plane/helicopter.
  • No more heart icons—Eating food is the only way to replenish your health.
  • They are also pretty sure that there will be quad bike racing side missions.
  • PSM2 say that, when on a BMX, you can bunny hop by holding down L1. The longer you hold it the further you jump.

Thanks once again to Satriales at our forum!

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