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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Kentpaul dot com updated (yet again)
Posted by illspirit at 04:05. Site: GTA III. Category: General

Is it just me, or do they only update the site in the middle of the night? Anyway, there's a few new screenshots up there, including one of a pizza restaraunt, and a food-court inside a mall. Both of those are (obviously) in the 'food' section of the site. Make sure to check out the reflection mapping used on the floor in that mall pic, as it looks just lovely. There are also a couple of new e-postcards available which show off some of the new peds, another mock site for the 'Degenatron', and the 'timeline' section has been updated as well. Oh, and here's a link just in case you need it.

I imagine this will be one of the last updates of the KentPaul site, since they only seem to work on it the first of each month, and the game comes out in 28 days...

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