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Friday, March 07, 2008
Official Site Update
Posted by adamcs at 17:36. Site: GTA IV. Category: General

Rockstar have updated the official website with new screenshots, music info, and various features to whet your appetite before next month's release. Here is the full list of updates:

  • IF99 International funk music, hosted by Femi Kuti.
  • Vladivostok FM Post-communist community radio to rock the Eastern Bloc.
  • All-new videos, featuring hard-living Irish-American Patrick "Packie" McReary and a message from the LCPD's recruitment division.
  • Scenes from Burger Shot, one of LC's most ubiquitous fast-food chains.
  • Celebrity news that matters from Our-Own-Reality.com
  • Find out how much you know about Liberty City, with the History of Liberty quiz.
  • Learn more about the BitterSweet mobile device. Be everywhere. And nowhere

Check it out: rockstargames.com/IV

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