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Thursday, November 27, 2008
GTA 4 for PC - Polish Version Get Some Little Special Extras
Posted by CharmingCharlie at 16:49. Site: GTA IV. Category: General

Well it seems to be a heavy news day for the PC version of GTA 4. Hot on the heals of the bad news about India comes a bit of good news for Polish GTA fans. It appears the Polish Game will released on 3rd December, the same day as Europe release. GTA IV PC will be full English release with Polish box, manual and some extra stuff:

The Polish version will include :-

  • Polish version of "Voice of Liberty City"- a guide that takes you around the most interesting places in the city of anarchy;
  • Detailed map of Liberty City, with Polish descriptions of all the districts;
  • Polish game guide showing off new functions in the PC version of the game, not available in console versions;
  • Unique cd-key for Games for Windows LIVE multiplayer;
  • Elegant box with game's logo embossed;

Unfortunately my polish is a little bit rusty (ie non-existent) so I will have to settle for the UK version. But it is good news to see Rockstar trying to give Polish PC GTA fans something just that little bit extra special.

Thanks must go to Neon25 for supplying the information and the translation.

Source :- English Translation Cenega Article

Source :- Original Polish Cenega Article

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