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Sunday, March 24, 2013
Community Spotlight: Creative Edition
Posted by Kirsty at 20:51. Site: GTA V. Category: General

Screenshot Fun

It's been a long few months since Rockstar announced the official release date of GTA V, and while some are still licking their wounds after hearing it's coming later than expected, the rest of the Community is still busy discussing and speculating about the game to come.

The tumbleweeds are certainly rolling, as there's been no new assets to play with since the beginning of January and not a single tweet or Newswire post since the release date announcement; it appears Rockstar are on lockdown. With not much to keep us entertained, we thought it would be nice to post something different and showcase some great fan creations that have been posted around the GTAForums Community recently. There have been countless manipulations of Michael, Trevor and Franklin, as well as some really cool original art. Check out the slideshow below featuring some highlights:

  • Kirsty

If you feel like submitting your own or viewing more of the hundreds of creations from the last year or so, check out GTA V Fan Art and GTAV Screenshot Fun over on GTAForums.

Hot Topics

We can appreciate it probably appears the GTA Network has gone into hiding as well at the moment, with the inevitable lull after the 'delay' was announced; but we can assure you we're still here and busy behind the scenes. We hope to bring you more Community related news over the next few weeks to fill the gaps, and hopefully that will lead nicely into something new from Rockstar. Afterall, there's only just over 5 months until the game will launch; what would you like to hear most about? There are so many possibilities that could fill our calendar until September 17th!

Time will fly by, and before we know it we'll be queuing at the game store or sitting under the letterbox waiting for its arrival. For the time being, take a look at these topics that are under the spotlight in the Community right now:

The 'Two Screens A Day' project by deffpony has been very popular over the past month. Two screenshots are posted daily, in order of their release, with the Community offering their analysis, thoughts and comments on them. Big thumbs up to deffpony and contributing members for keeping it going and providing an interesting way to look back and appreciate all the assets released from the GTA V marketing campaign so far.

'For the Love of Money', a topic that started as a well-thought out and in-depth analysis of all things money in GTA V, has been turned into a large scale Community project after overwhelming feedback and participation from our members. Creator meta187 gathered a team of other talented members and has also developed a 3-part video series, in addition to the evergrowing topic, to present the ideas after receiving recognition from the one and only Rockstar (yes, I said Rockstar). Head on over to GTAForums to read, watch and take part, and look out for more videos from meta and his crew in the coming weeks.

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