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Thursday, September 05, 2013
IGN Interview With Rockstar North's Phil Hooker
Posted by Deffpony at 18:56. Site: GTA V. Category: General

As part of IGN's GTA V Week, the website was granted an interview with Rockstar North's Phil Hooker, the associate technical director and combat designer for GTA V. The interview highlights Rockstar's ability to adapt and integrate features and mechanics from previously released titles into Grand Theft Auto V. Hooker tells IGN that GTA V will boast mechanics that are much tighter and more fluid than it's predecessors. There will be customizable targeting options, as well as more robust transitions from shooting, to taking cover.

Lots of time and effort went into the combination of shooting, targeting, animation and camerawork: Grand Theft Auto is about spontaneous, classic action shootouts.

Hooker continues by stating everything from the enemy A.I. to the physical reactions to gunshots has been completely refined. In regards to the driving mechanics, Hooker states,

For example, driving has been completely reworked so its much more responsive and direct, allowing controllable handbrake turns and adding in a little bit of wheelspin at exciting moments, whilst still allowing the player to keep full control.

The interview concludes with Phil Hooker describing how Rockstar's expectations for Grand Theft Auto V has been greatly surpassed, and they are astounded with the outcome. The game is huge, and incredibly ambitious, and as far as Rockstar Games is concerned, GTA V certainly feels next generation. Read the entire interview here and join the ongoing discussion at GTAForums

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