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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
PSM Article Summarized
Posted by Canofceleri at 02:02. Site: GTA San Andreas. Category: General

The new PSM article has been summarized for your conveniance in an easy-to-read bulleted-list. It covers all of the new features and confirms some of the speculation.
  • The necessity of a PS2 dual-layer DVD is confirmed
  • Los Santos is on the lower east side of the map and is only a small part of the state’s geography
  • There are 16000 unique objects in the game as opposed to Vice City’s circa-5000
  • Despite the map’s size it’s all quality, no True Crime level detail here
  • No breaks during driving over bridges or into different cities, only a short second pause during the entrance of buildings
  • Weilding two weapons at once is now confirmed
  • Vinewood is San Andreas’ version of Hollywood
  • Lots of new outfits are confirmed
  • You can improve your character’s skills, such as shooting and driving
  • New graphics engine confirmed (35-50% more polygons on screen at a time) including real-time reflections, a better draw distance, an enhanced shadows system and lighting effects, more detailed textures and realistic animations
  • Manhunt-style gun targeting system
  • Vehicles now rust and show age
  • The difficulty setting automatically adjusts according to how well you do
  • Not only can you improve social skills and relationships, but you can acquire a small crew of thugs that you recruit by yourself
  • You acquire actual possessions
  • The Flats and the Ballas are two confirmed rival gangs
  • Latin flavor is added to the mix with the revealing of Cesar as a new Hispanic character
  • There is an unidentified fat thug (as indicated in a screenshot) that might be a part of “the help”
  • The first three missions are named “Menace”, “Driveby”, and “Reuniting the Families”
  • Our first glimpses of in-game dialogue show no sign of some essential street slang, but doesn’t forget to use the word ‘homie’ nine times

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