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For a short introduction to what IRC is, and how to use it, see here.

The GTANet chat room is here for everyone to use, either for chatting, asking questions or discussing ideas. Please create a nickname for yourself, choose the room you would like to join and connect. If you're having problems connecting, it might be because you are behind a firewall.

PLEASE NOTE: The messages you post here can be tracked to any GTAForums account you may have, so please don't post anything you wouldn't post at GTAF. Also if you're asking a question and don't immediately receive an answer, try hanging around a while.

If you're reading this text, then our JavaScript has failed. Please contact Azkoyen on GTA Forums

This chat client is powered by PJIRC, and sponsored by a few nice guys from the forums. It uses the internet relay chat protocol, and if you have experience with IRC, you're free to connect to the server (irc.gtanet.com/gta) with a standalone client such as mIRC.

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