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Chat : Introduction

The GTANet IRC Network allows you to chat live and discuss GTA, modifications or almost anything else. Before connecting you need to have a nickname, and know what channels you want to join. A channel is like a room, where the actual discussion and chatting takes place.

If you already have a client setup, click here to join the GTANet channel.

IRC Client

Before you can connect to an IRC Network you need an IRC Client. We recommend that you use mIRC. If installing an IRC Client is not possible, you can use our Java Client to connect - though this does not have the same features available.
Download mIRC here.

Connection Details

Address: irc.gtanet.com
Ports: 6667 and 8067
SSL Port: 6697
When connected to the network, typing /LIST brings up a list of all the channels currently open on the network.

Your IRC Account

Our network runs a server for IRC Services (Anope) which allows you to register your nickname on IRC and register channels or access levels on them.
To register yourself on IRC, replace the underlined parts in this command and type it in the server status window.
/MSG NICKSERV REGISTER Password E-Mail Address
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