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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Mystery Cheat
Posted by Tsuroki at 00:54. Site: GTA San Andreas. Category: General

Folks around the GTA community have been pretty eager lately to find something to distract them until the release of San Andreas on XBox and PC, and it seems we've just found our distraction!

Skippysweet over at the forums has posted a juicy little morsel of information from a Tips n' Tricks Magazine article regarding a "mystery cheat".

All Taxis have Nitros:

Elvis is alive (all peds are Elvis)

Although the cheat is confirmed to be straight from Rockstar, nobody knows what the cheat does! The race is on to find out what the effects of this new code are.

Within 59 minutes of the cheat being posted on our forums, fans quickly discovered that this cheat is just another combination for the "All Taxis Have Nitrous" cheat. Enjoy.

Further developments! All taxis have nitros, appears to be the effect. There was also a second code in the magazine, titled 'Elvis is alive'.

You can find the topic regarding this new cheat here.

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