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Saturday, July 02, 2005
BUST THAT CRAZY SH*T Replay Contest (for San Andreas PC)
Posted by Tsuroki at 09:54. Site: GTA San Andreas. Category: General

Craziest Sh*t

Think you're the craziest, most diehard, most inane, most completely badass driver to ever hit the streets of San Andreas? Prove it. Put your skills on the line and show Rockstar what you've got. That's right, folks, Rockstar Games is ready to hand out some more prizes to those who can prove themselves worthy.

Using the replay feature of the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - we want to see the craziest sh*t you can get into. The wildest stunt jumps, the most intense chase and action sequences, bizarre interactions with the locals, and just all around extraordinary, jaw-dropping moments - whether on foot, underwater, in mid-air, in a car, truck, plane, boat... - or all of the above.

The rules are simple - make the most outstanding 30 second replay in one of any 3 locations: Los Santos (including Red County), San Fierro (including Whetstone and Flint County) or Las Venturas (including Tierra Robada and Bone County).

For each locale, one winner will receive a grand prize that consists of:

  • An Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT video card
  • A bountiful prize pack of limited-edition San Andreas goods (or, as I call it, PARAPHERNALIA!!!11)
  • And a custom-made, gold-dipped, West Coast style car-plate winners' trophy etched with your name.

Hot-diggity-damn. There is a catch, though - this entire shebang is only open to US residents. Sorry, peeps. Looks like the rest of us non-American-type-folk are out of luck.

For further contest details, and to submit your replay, head on over to the official contest webpage.


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