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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Two Frenchies: Jeux Video & PSM2 France
Posted by adamcs at 19:47. Site: GTA San Andreas. Category: General

The october issues of Jeux Video and PSM2 France contain new details about the San Andreas gameplay. Jeux also released a few brand new screenshots!

PSM2 Magazine October Issue Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PreviewJeux Video Magazine October Issue Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Preview

In PSM2, the main focus was San Fierro:

  • You are limited to a few combos at a time. It's up to you to decide which you'll learn and use.
  • Each city has a few places where you can learn new moves and combos.
    Los Santos -> Boxing
    San Fierro -> Martial Arts
  • The animation of attacks has improved greatly, and is much smoother than in Vice City.
  • Aswell as swimming, CJ can 'dive'.
  • Some new info on the targeting system (Auto-aim):
    A green crosshair is great. Yellow is more tricky and black is impossible to kill. For more precision, an FPS like system is available too.
  • CJ can also use tactical "Solid Snake" moves to kill silently.
  • The 'quality' of goods in clothing stores vary:
    Binco -> Cheap clothing
    Pro Laps -> Sports
    SubUrban -> Fashion

The only thing mentioned in Jeux magazine was that there won't be an Alcatraz in San Andreas

Upon proposal, the developers decided to abandon the idea of including Alcatraz [in San Andreas].
Jeux Video Magazine, France, October 2004

Thanks to GTAFrance for the originals, and Goldrusher_XT for the help with translations.

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