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Tuesday, September 01, 2009
New screenshot and first details
Posted by adamcs at 07:31. Site: GTA IV. Category: Ballad of Gay Tony

The first plot details of The Ballad of Gay Tony have emerged in an article on USA Today, along with one never-before-seen screenshot.

Luis Lopez
New screenshot showing Luis Fernando Lopez.

Here are the key details from the article:

  • Gay Tony is a drug addict, and Luis needs to do him some favours in order to get him out of debt. However, "his drug problems get worse and Tony gets more and more out of control," says Rockstar's Dan Houser.
  • During one mission, Luis parachutes from a helicopter onto a glass-windowed skyscraper. Inside he blasts his way to his prey a few floors below and shoots his target, who then topples out of the bullet-ridden window. Luis dives out after him, wearing a parachute that glides him to safety.
  • In another mission, Luis drops on to the top of a moving subway train from a bridge and unhooks one of the cars for a maniacal high-rolling collector of one-of-a-kind artifacts. A Skyhook chopper airlifts the freed subway car away.
  • Luis is torn between friends and family and his quest for power and riches. But as he climbs higher in Liberty City's social circles, he discovers that the upper crust has some issues.
  • Rockstar want the game to feel more action-packed, more crazy and more ridiculous than previous GTA IV content.

Read the full article here. Thanks to PlanetGTA for the news, and remember that the new trailer comes today!

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