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Saturday, January 16, 2010
GTA4.NET + Child's Play Charity
Posted by Tsuroki at 21:42. Site: GTA IV. Category: General

It's no secret that Grand Theft Auto is one of the most controversial titles on the market today. Mainstream media has a well-established history of lambasting the series, and all too often GTA gamers are thrown under the bus for the sake of viewership/readership.

As one of the largest networks built around the Grand Theft Auto franchise, we've taken it upon ourselves to show the naysayers that our community does give a damn about what goes on in the world around us.

That being said, we've chosen to get involved with the Child's Play Charity.

Child's Play - Where Gamers Give Back

For those who are unfamiliar with Child's Play, it's essentially a toy drive for childrens hospitals around the world. Headed up by the creators of Penny Arcade, the charity brings gamers together to provide a bit of fun for hospitalized kids.

Although we're starting off by simply promoting the cause, we'll be looking at other ways to build on our level of involvement with the organization as time goes on.

To learn more about Child's Play, you can visit our dedicated Child's Play page, join in the discussion on GTAForums or head to the official Child's Play website directly.

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