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Series : Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Information

The Grand Theft Auto legacy began in October of 1996, when two companies - Rockstar and DMA, created a small game called Grand Theft Auto, or in short, GTA. The graphics were retro (it was 1996 - how more retro can you go?), but and the overall idea and aim of the game was great, and hadn't been done before - This game was a classic, and it still is. The cars, the guns, the donut shop around the corner and the chicks - all that made the game a huge success world-wide. Unfortunately, the lack of support for hi-end graphics cards and poor resolution graphics meant the game had to leave the game market competition at an early stage, but in terms of unique gameplay, it never died.

Grand Theft Auto

In GTA, you received jobs through anonymous men through pay phones or through your pager. When you receive a job, an arrow would appear on-screen, and in most cases your pager would turn into a timer, and if you didn't complete the job within the set time (when the timer reaches zero) your mission is lost. If you completed the mission before the timer reached zero, you would have received a lot of money. If you finished enough jobs (and run over enough people) you received a lot of money to continue to the next city.

Ahh, the cities - huge, vivid, colorful cities, the place crime rules. The first city - Liberty City, looks a lot like New York City. This city is actually three isles connected by bridges, and this city is actually the same city that will be featured in Grand Theft Auto3 (how nice of DMA), this single city is rather easy to complete, but nothing is easy when it comes to crime. After you've earned $1,000,000 in Liberty City, you can continue to the second city - San Andreas, which is similar to San Francisco, including a Golden Gate Bridge alike, followed by Vice City, which by it's name you can tell the how high the crime rate actually is.

Grand Theft Auto Features:

  • Over 6000 miles of Roads, Freeways, Alleyways, and Dead Ends in 3 huge cities.
  • 20 different car types in each city - each modelled to reflect real handling and speed.
  • Intelligently controlled Police, Fire, and Ambulance services.
  • 1 - 4 player games over Network, Modem, and Serial link.
  • Blood.
  • Working Public Transport.
  • Police forces ranging in aggression from complacent to homicidal lunatics with guns.
  • Hospitals, Banks, Strip Clubs, Military Bases, and Harbours.
  • Over 60 minutes of NEW music featuring from some of today's hottest new acts. Featuring Techno, Dance, Funk, Hip-Hop, Industrial, Heavy Metal, and Country & Western.
  • Over 200 different missions featuring: Grand Theft Auto, Drug Smuggling, Kidnapping, Slaughter, Double Parking, Under-age smoking, Murder, Hijacking, and Setting fire to Hari Krishnas.
  • Full 24-Bit color running in real-time.
  • 3Dfx Compatibility.

The Weapons:

  • Pistol - This high calibre semi-automatic pistol can put a hole is someone's head and you won't even care.
  • Machine Gun - This machine gun fires out deadly bullets, shoot anyone in sight!
  • Rocket Launcher - The rocket launcher can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Use it wisely!
  • FlameThrower - The flamethrower can BBQ anyone at sight. Again, use it wisely!

The Power-Ups:

  • Get out of jail free card - If you have this power-up and get arrested you will get out of jail without losing life.
  • Multiply - When you pick up this power-up your multiply will go up one point, which means that if you have 5 your score will be 5 times bigger.
  • Speed - When on speed your walking speed, car speed and firing speed will raise.
  • Armour - When you pick up armour you'll be able to take several hits before dying.
  • Life - After you pick up this armour you'll get an extra life to your disposal.
  • Cop Bribe - If the cops are on your tail this power-up will make them disappear.
  • Kill Frenzy - Who doesn't know this destructive mini-game?
  • Info - When you pick this thing up it will give you valuable information.
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