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GTA 2 Information

First released for the Sony Playstation, followed by the PC. GTA 2 was a good game, but perhaps not the sequel to Grand Theft Auto that many expected. Magazines said that the graphics were poor and the final score wasn't satisfying, but most people were expecting the switch to full 3D then. Nevertheless, this game is a classic - the graphics, the sound tracks, and the final design was just perfect for the base it carried.

Grand Theft Auto 2

Imagine yourself running through a busy street on your way to your job, but what no one knows is that in your suitcase they can find a shotgun, grenades and a "zapper". GTA2 carried a different fun factor. When you enter your car you hear a timer start ticking and a message on your pager - "Any less then 50 miles an hour and you'll be dancing with da king", what can you do? You hit the gas and now starts the real fun - if you're driving at 70 miles an hour why won't you run over a few geezers while you're at it? And when you're tired and there's enough cops around you - stop, and watch as they all go to hell.

The game is set in one immense city devided into three parts - Downtown, Residential and Industrial, alls set in the future. This time you've got three gangs in each area to work for, which the Zaibatsu corporation is in on top. All the other gangs are - Yakuza, Loonies, SRS, Redneck, Russians and the Hare Krishna. 'Respect is everything', the moto of the game is a short description of the goal in the game. For each job you complete you receive a respect point, and also by killing the rival's gang members, after receiving enough respect points you will receive better job opportunities and thus receive more money. But beware - finishing jobs for one gang decrease the respect rating of the rival gang thus less job opportunities and if you're stupid enough to enter that gang territory, don't expect to get out of there alive.

Grand Theft Auto 2 features:

  • One massive city devided into 3 areas.
  • Over 40 different cars - Each area has it's own uniqe car set.
  • Intelligently controlled Police, Fire, and Ambulance services
  • Network, Modem, and Serial link
  • Working Public Transport.
  • Police forces are nothing compare to the militia.
  • Hospitals, Banks, Strip Clubs, Parks, and Harbors are yours to destroy.
  • NEW AMAZING sound tracks and radio programs.
  • Totally new 3D engine including dynamic lighting effects.
  • 6 gangs, each with it's own unique missions.
  • 3Dfx Compatibility.

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