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It has been over a decade since GrandTheftAuto3.net was first launched. Through the years, our network has expanded to cover all of the major GTA releases, as well as some of the less-noted titles. Also included in the GTANet family are a handful of websites dedicated to the GTA modding community and some of their most successful projects.

GTA Network


GTANET.COM - The hub of the GTANet family, providing up-to-date news and information gathered from our network of fansites. Information on who we are and what we do, as well as general information about the Grand Theft Auto series itself.

GTAFORUMS.COM (Formerly GTA3Forums.com) - GTAForums is currently the largest online community dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto family of games. Millions and millions of posts, hundreds of thousands of members. If you want to discuss GTA, this is the place to go.

IRC.GTANET.COM (IRC) - Although not a website per se, the GTANet IRC network is dedicated to users who wish to come together to discuss Grand Theft Auto. The network hosts discssion related to the games themselves, unofficial PC modifications, as well as off-topic chat.

GTA Series

GTA3 GTA Vice GTA San Andreas GTA LCS GTA IV GTA Chinatown Wars GTA V

GTA3.COM (Formerly GrandTheftAuto3.net) - The website that started it all. GTA3.COM is dedicated to the blockbuster PS2 game (and its subsequent PC release) that got the ball rolling for the Grand Theft Auto series.

GTAVICE.COM - The second major website to be added to the GTANet family. GTAVice.com never experienced the same success as GTA3.COM, and created a noticeable lull in the network's activity level. GTAVice.com was utilized more recently to cover news and information for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on the PSP.

GTASANANDREAS.NET (formerly GTASanAn.com) - We re-established the dominance of GTANet with the release of our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fansite. Launched approximately 6 months prior to the PS2 release of San Andreas, the site quickly grew as we returned to our proven recipe for success - delivering a mixture of original content, as well as constantly being on the ball with news and updates. The site continues to thrive well into the release of San Andreas. (GTASanAndreas.net is now the most popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fansite as judged by traffic rankings.)

GTALIBERTYCITYSTORIES.NET - Dedicated to covering the first major non-console installment of Grand Theft Auto, GTANet Presents Liberty City Stories delivered major news and information leading up to the launch of the PSP title. Like all of our websites, it continues to be a valuable source for anyone looking for information on the game features, storyline, easter eggs, and so on.

GTA4.NET - Official news, information and in-depth content coverage/analysis has set GTA4.NET apart from the majority of GTA IV fansites. It contains extensive resources to assist game players, including an interactive map facility, mission walkthroughs and mission videos. GTA4.NET has consistently been the top resource for Grand Theft Auto IV-related information, since the week it was launched, well before the game was even announced! The success achieved by GTA4.NET has eclipsed that of both GTA3.COM and GTASanAndreas.net.

GTACHINATOWN.COM - A rather basic three-page site delivering latest news and media for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS. The game was later released for PlayStation Portable and iOS.

GTAV.NET - The newest addition to the GTANet family, providing latest news, information and speculation regarding the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V.

Modification Websites

GTAGarage GTAModding

GTAGARAGE.COM - GTAGarage is a mod database for authors to share their modifications with the rest of the world. Its simple upload system and interface setup makes it an easy way to keep track of your mods. (Each modification must first be approved by a member of staff before it appears on the site, although certain users can have their mods approved automatically.)

GTAMODDING.COM - GTAModding is a wiki dedicated to allowing modders to easily share information with one another. Guides and tutorials for modding make it an excellent resource for both veteran modders and rookies alike. All GTANet users can contribute, and are openly invited to add articles to the wiki.

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